What Do Your Stairs Say?

One of the great opportunities from my perspective that is so often missed is punching up your stairs with patterned carpet, it can either be very contemporary, transitional,   or very traditional.  Below are listed many of the really great things about considering this when replacing staircase carpeting.

1) It takes a boring or marginal staircase and makes a really great design statement.

2) Although it looks very high end it is not necessarily very costly. Stairs don’t usually require much carpet.  The cost on stairs is in the installation. The polypropylenes that are used a lot for this type of application are not usually much more than what the rest of your carpets cost.  The wools however can be very pricey but again not a lot of  carpet is required.

3) If you use a print  maintenance is easy, they don’t show dirt as much as a plain carpet and both materials that are  mentioned clean up very well.

4) Being a low profile carpet both, your wools and polypropylene wear like iron. Normally stairs show wear worse than any other place in your home but not in this case.

tangier stairs IMG_3725 DSC00261 DSC00265


Stark Sisal in Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest May 2009 - Leather bound sisal runner & rug

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets offers this same sisal “herringbone” sisal that Stark offers at a substantial savings. We have the ability to do an on site installation that allows for your rug to follow the contour of your room. The fabrication shown here used leather trim for the edging. We offer several different types of leather, linen, cotton, microfiber, suede, espadrille stripes, tapestry, fabric and jute.

Click HERE for the complete selection of colors offered in this patterned sisal.

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