Designer New Zealand Wool Flatweave Rugs

Here is another example of the great resources that we have available for your rug needs.  One of the textured pieces is similar to that offered by Restoration Hardware with two important differences:  1. New Zealand wool that does not shed like crazy.  2. Offered in made to order sizes up to 20′ wide. Yes. Our rug will cost more simply because it is a much better quality piece.

It seems like every couple of weeks we get the call to cut down a standard size rug bought elsewhere.  We simply will not do it.  The proper thing to do would be to order the correct size in the first place.




Monaco Carpet and Rug Collection

We love finding new products that one does not see everywhere.  Our clients appreciate our showroom for the collection of unique floors including carpet, area rugs and floors.  No wonder, designers have been gravitating to us from their other trusted sources.  Even upper management from major vendors who visit our showroom are amazed.  We love the challenge of sourcing new products and invest heavily in samples.

Our new Monaco Collection of carpet and made-to-order rugs is one such example.

img_8981 img_8982 img_8983 img_8984 img_8985 img_8986 img_8987 img_8988

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