Can My Carpets Be Re-Stretched?

Can my carpet be re-stretched? It depends on a variety of factors, depending on how the carpet has been damaged as well as its age.

We’ve been serving the Orange County area since 1995, and that’s a question we’ve heard time and time again. We see a variety of carpet repair needs, so we understand that each case is different. But what we can do is give you a few pointers and tackle the difference between carpet that can be re-stretched and carpet that can’t.

Carpet That Can be Re-Stretched

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Noticing ripples and waves appear across the carpet can be pretty bothersome, but there’s a good chance that it can be stretched back into good-as-new condition if it’s less than 10 years old. In this case, ripples and waves have likely been caused by nothing more than environmental factors instead of any permanent damage.  Thus, it can be re-stretched.

It’s often an easy fix, but not always. Carpet that can be re-stretched will have been affected by temperature or humidity changes, and a carpet installed on a hot, humid day with no air conditioning should stretch tighter than one installed on a cold dry day with the heating on.

Carpet That Cannot be Re-Stretched

If those waves and ripples occur after the carpet has been laid down for more than ten years, it’s a good bet that the damage is permanent and a new carpet is needed. It’s not an ironclad rule, but older carpeting generally starts to develop those telltale ripples and waves because the backing has decayed. With the glue tasked with holding together individual fibers no longer doing its job, the primary and secondary layers of latex will fail. Beyond checking the age of your carpet, check the carpet itself — the ripples will be be short, tight, and lacking any bounce if the backing has decayed.

This process of decay becomes more likely as time marches on, but inexpensive carpets are at greater risk. It’s just one reason cheaper carpets typically don’t last as long.

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