Natural Fiber Rugs Make A Great Statement

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets specializes in fabricated custom natural fiber rugs such as sisal, seagrass, jute, and abaca. Our online rug fabrication page will be on our website soon. The rug shown below is seagrass and raffia with a leopard tapesty fabric. This is one of three rugs that were purchased by a designer in Northern Virginia.

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets offers a complete selection of bindings including leather, suede, jute, Sunbrella, cotton, striped espadrille, microfiber, linen and more. Our leather options are unsurpassed with a selection of printed, textured, distressed, smooth and more – you name the color, we will get it for you.



New Rugs From Karastan

Karastan Iconoclast Collection

Shown above are two rugs from Karastan’s new Iconoclast Collection and a new addition to the Shapura Collection. Savoy (left), Iconoclast Pavilion (right) and Shapura Bel Canto (floor)

Karastan Iconoclast Verve

How to Measure for a Rug

Selecting a Size

How do you determine the correct size rug for your space? It is not an exact science. The type of room and furniture placement should factor into your decision. We suggest leaving an equal amount of flooring exposed on all sides of the room. The first step is always to measure the space using a tape measure. One of the most common mistakes is to rely on a visual or ‘eyeball’ the space. A 6×9 rug can look very differently hanging on a rack. To make it easy, use our room planner!
Dining & Breakfast rooms

* When selecting a room size rug for the dining room, you need to measure the length and width of your table. Don’t forget to include the table leaf if you use it frequently.
* We recommend leaving enough space so the back legs of the dining room chairs can be placed on the rug. This will avoid chair legs getting caught on the edge of the rug when guests are pushing their chairs in and out.

Living or Family room

* We recommend selecting a size that allows each piece of furniture to be completely on or off the rug. The exception to this rule is a sofa, it is common for the back legs of a sofa to hang off the rug.
* Make sure to account for any heating vents or doorways.
* Depending on the usage of the room, you may want to consider traffic patterns.
* If there’s a hearth in the room, consider purchasing another small rug for placement in front of the fireplace.
* Coordinate the size of the rug with the size of your coffee table.
* An 8×11 rug brings together most furniture groupings nicely.


* When measuring for a bedroom, you must first determine if you prefer one room size rug or several rugs around the bed.
* When considering one room size rug it should be large enough for you to take a step or two when getting out of bed.
* If you have one bed centered in the room, you can place a rug at the foot of the bed and one on each side. If you have two beds in the room, you can add one more rug in between them.
* This is the perfect place to play around with rug sizes- Try a round rug or a rectangular rug placed at a diagonal underneath the bed.

Entry Way

* Consider a material that can handle the high traffic areas.
* Make sure the door can open and close over the rug. Consider the thickness or pile height of the room.
* If it’s a long hallway, you can also consider using two 5 ft runners.


Sisal Rug Featured On Cover Of Traditional Home

Traditional Home Magazine July 2010

A sisal rug fabricated by Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets has been featured on the cover of the July 2010 issue of Traditional Home magazine. UPDATE – Click HERE to the seagrass rug featured on the cover of the September issue of Traditional Home magazine.  BUY ONLINE at with FREE shipping.

Diamond Sisal Color Seagrass as shown on the cover of Traditional Home

Diamond Sisal Black

Diamond Sisal Copper

Diamond Sisal Espresso

Diamond Sisal Greige

Diamond Sisal Mahogany

Diamond Sisal Natural

Diamond Sisal Platinum

Diamond Sisal Tama

Diamond Sisal Tetre Negri

Diamond Sisal Walnut

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets can fabricate this great looking piece of sisal with a variety of binding options such as Cotton, Leather, Sunbrella, Tapestry, Jute, Suede, Linen and Microfiber. Futhermore, the rug can me made in all sizes up to a maximum of 13′ wide.

Contact us today with your size and binding choice. We will be happy to quote you a great price and ship the rug right to your home.

Also, consider this new less expensive option of sisal – click HERE

Cotton Binding Options

Cotton Binding Options

Leather Binding Options

Diamond Sisal in Architectural Digest

UPDATE – Don’t want sisal? We offer a New Zealand Wool version too. Available for area rugs or wall to wall installation.

Two Packs A Days

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Fabrica Nylon & Wool Sale

The great flooring opportunities continue. This makes 5 great offers (that can be BUNDLED) available through the end of May at Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets. Fabrica has just offered us special pricing on 20 products including new introductions and three items from their wool collection.

Fabrica Tribeca

The items offered on our SALE are: Antigua, Balance, Chelsea, Kasuri, Knob Hill, La Rochelle, Mandalay, Marrakech, Masai, Nibbana, Reflection, Silk Weave, Surge, Tribeca, Wabi and West Side. The three wool carpets are: Bardolino, Corvo and Tessere.

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets can fabricate any of these great products into area rugs for you too.

Fabrica Masai

Click HERE to see the other great sales and promotions including cash rebates available now.

Click HERE to see our current advertisements promoting Masland and Karastan carpets that are on SALE now

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