Dixie Stainmaster Pet Protect LVT


Questions and Answers about LVT
Q. Can you provide any specifics as to what makes our PetProtect wear

layer better? This is a direct answer from our manufacture.

A. It isn’t just the wear layer itself – we (our manufacture) do manufacture our own wear layers though which ensures more consistency throughout the process, but it is the additional 2X application of our proprietary anti-scratch PetProtect Scratch Shield coating that we developed with Invista that makes this so much better. Where before, our products were made with what (at- the-time) was a superior quality Polyurethane finish with Ceramic Bead technology to enhance the scratch resistance and wear performance. Today many of our competitors still use just a regular polyurethane wear layer with UV protective coating, some even have no Polyurethane whatsoever. This new PetProtect coating contains wear resistant particles that have more hardness than aluminum oxide and more than most ceramic materials.

We have performed quite a bit of testing with this for our own data and tested against competitor products as well. We are quite certain Invista has performed even more extensive tests and are still putting together the “hard data” claims for you to be able to reference. I don’t want to step over Invista here, so I would suggest working closer with them to get this performance claim message consistent with theirs. I just think it really needs to get out there to your customers – your aesthetics and structural quality are not the only benefits the consumer is getting! 🙂 This new coating truly is a game- changer in wear performance and we are spearheading this with you!

From “insiders” observance, I want to make sure you guys put emphasis on your unique scratch resistant coating. Even though there are a few competitor products in the market with the heavy commercial 20 & 28 mil wear layer, there is no one else in the market with a finish/coating as clear (not yellowish) and durable as yours. It is significantly different and significantly better than the competition. Not only will your salespeople

benefit, but the retailers will as well (which of course means a huge value add to Mrs. Jones trying to figure out which is truly the best floor to purchase).

When you are asked, a short version answer would be:

Q. Who’s locking system we are using?

A. A combination of the Unilin on the length of the boards and, Innovation4Flooring (a Triple Lock system) on the ends. 3 out of 4 of your large salesperson samples are the same thickness and basic construction, try putting them together (even though they won’t look right but you can show the locking system. “Click-to-Lock”, is what we are officially using to describe our system.

Q. Radiant flooring on concrete. What is our stance?

A. You can use radiant heat systems that heat up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit/29 degrees Celsius.

Q. Is there a rolling load on the click?

A. We do not yet have the rolling load test results for the (DIX/MAS) specs yet. The Multilayer Association is still working on the testing criteria. The static load is: ASTM F970 STATIC LOAD, SINGLE WEIGHT RESIDUAL INDENTATION 0.002 INCH @ 250 POUNDS

Q. Are the short ends of the click beveled?

A. Yes 4-sided Micro Bevel

We are using a proprietary urethane polymer. It is formulated for easy

maintenance, slip resistance and 4 times the scratch resistance of a normal

LVT urethane surface.

Q. Do we have unique colors and grains per color in the LVT? Meaning, will the planks be a constant repeat of a few looks in a job?

A. The answer is mixing planks from different boxes to minimize the pattern repeat. During manufacturing, the products are purposely shifted before cutting from the large film to give a more random natural look. While there is not a set repeat, our products are very random.

Q. Do we do personal use discounts on the LVT for the dealer?

A. No, however stocking dealers can take advantage of our pallet pricing!

Q. My dealers are very concerned about the heat generated at all windows and sliders with no window coverings. Many brands are failing and the manufacturers are walking away because their warranties state not to put their products in areas where heat can exceed 130 – 140 degrees. Our warranty does not say a specific temperature. Will we honor a failure in front of a window?

A. No we will not honor those claims. Our products and all LVT products will be challenged when installed in these types of areas. Most dealers and sales people know this but over promise to get the sale. Excessive temperature changes in direct sunlight are problematic for all LVF products.

Here is exactly what our guidelines says:

“HPCTM floating floors should be protected from direct sunlight and not exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time by use of blinds, drapes or suitable window coverings or be in use in areas of large amounts of direct sunlight exposure”

Follow-up question / solution:

Since there is so much sunshine and big windows in some markets, will we allow them to glue down the perimeter on the drop lock planks?

The consensus from our vendor and others unofficially is that gluing the perimeter of the floor or traffic areas in areas without sufficient window coverings is a regular practice for many retailers and their installer and it works.

Q. What adhesives do you use for the click product (I.e) stairs?

A. Many retailers and installers will have a general purpose flooring adhesive they like to use. Click products and generally only glued when installed on stairs.

Q. What about cabinets?

A. You shouldn’t install cabinetry over our LVT

Q. Can your tiles be used in a pattern?

A. You can install the Dixie Home tiles – 12 x 36 & 18 x 36 – in a brick pattern

Q. What are the Sound ratings?

A. 6.0mm products – (0.5) IIC 56 STC 52 – 7.5mm products – (0.5) IIC 58 STC 51

All tested by Intertek with suspended ceiling and 6” concrete

Q. Cork does not stay on competitors’ products – will ours stay adhered to the back?

A. We have not had any issues with the cork on our products. We have tested all our new product innovations extensively before launching into the market. We have also heard of a competitor product having issues with the cork staying on, but have heard many more issues with the EVA foam type attached back not staying on. We did additional testing by placing the cork products in water for over 24 hours and did not see any compromise.

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Stainmaster Pet Protect LVT Vinyl Plank Floor

Of course, STAINMASTER® PetProtect™ luxury vinyl flooring is durable and easy to maintain, but this pet-friendly flooring also resists pet claw scratches, and has pet-action traction. And since it’s 100-percent waterproof, worrying about pet accidents is a thing of the past. Choose from a wide variety of styles designed to complement any décor.

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  • 100 percent waterproof
  • Resists odors from pet accidents

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The Best & The Brightest

Home Accents Today is proud to present its 13th annual 50 Retail Stars list.

Sponsored by AmericasMart Atlanta, the Retail Stars list honors independent brick-and- mortar retailers of home accents and accessories. The list includes furniture stores, home décor boutiques and interior design retailers that are creative in their merchandising, contribute to their communities, and stand out from their competition.

This year’s Stars represents a bit more of a cross section of the country than in recent years, as 27 states have at least one representative on the compilation, up from last year’s total of 25 states. Regionally, the Southeast has the heaviest representation in this year’s list with stores in 11 states, followed by stores in six states each in the Northeast and Midwest regions while five Western U.S. states are included. California leads the way with eight Stars while Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania and Kentucky have three stores each. Washington, Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, New York, Maryland, Oklahoma and Louisiana each have two stores listed.

The 2017 Stars have a mix of old and new shops. Seventeen have been in business for less than 10 years, three stores have been in business for at least 50 years, and 17 have been open for between 20 and 49 years.

Of those legacy retailers in this year’s mix, Oskar Huber Furniture & Design, with stores in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, has been in operation since 1927 and is in its fourth generation of Huber family ownership. Other notables include Barbara Stewart Interiors, which has been in business since 1952, and California powerhouse Jerome’s, which first opened in 1954. Speaking of Jerome’s, it has by far the highest sales volume among this year’s Stars with more than $230 million. It’s one of nine stores with sales exceed- ing $10 million, although the majority of Stars (37) posted annual sales at $5 million or below.

Another store with a larger sales volume, Nadeau, is easily the most widespread, with 32 stores nationwide. It’s one of 12 retailers that have multiple stores in this year’s list.

Interior design services continue to be a sales generator for our stores. In this year’s list, the ratio of stores that offer the services versus those that don’t is around 8-to-1.

E-commerce sales took a slight dip from last year’s list, as 21 retailers reported selling home furnishings online, versus half in 2016. Most reported online sales at less than 5 (Cornerstone Shop & Gallery, Sunnyland Patio Furniture, Smallhome and Modern Market each reported 1% of volume), while Biscuit Home said e-commerce accounts for around 40% of its total sales volume.

Social media is a part of every- day life in America and that’s reflected in the stores’ presence on a number of key channels. All 50 of this year’s Stars are on Facebook while Instagram – with a photo-based platform that plays well at the retail level – is next with 47 users. Thirty-six stores have their own Pinterest pages while 27 are on Twitter.

In the coming issues of Home Accents Today, we’ll share more of our Stars’ retail strategies, ideas and other areas that make them stand out from others. Until then, we hope you’ll find inspiration in the photos and summaries on the following pages.

Costa Mesa, Calif.
1 store
Estimated 2016 Total Sales: $1 million to $3 million rugsandcarpets.com

Home furnishings specialist, founded in 1995. Offers middle to high price points in 3,700 square feet of selling space. Total sales per square foot, $784. Home accents accounted for 35% of 2016 total sales; other merchandise, 65%. Has five employees, including four salespeople. Home accent products carried include accent furniture, lamps and area rugs. Other merchandise includes Miele vacuums and coffee makers. Key vendors include Uttermost for accent furniture; Knot & Company, Amer, Dalyn, Karastan, Masland, Fibreworks and Stanton for area rugs; Uttermost for decorative accessories; Surya, Uttermost and Safavieh for lamps and lighting. Attends High Point Market and Las Vegas Market. Has a social media presence through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and Houzz. Offers interior design services. Visual merchandising scheme includes a custom made flip board holding display more than 1,100 carpet samples and a custom wall mounted rug rack that holds 200 rugs.