Mezlan Shoe Boutique & Karastan Wool Carpet

Some things are just ironic.  My grandfather and dad were had retail shoe stores in Southern California.  Many years ago there was a start up company in Irvine called Pacific Shoe Corp. that offered the Mezlan line of men’s shoes.  Our family shoe store was one of their first clients.  Fast forward a couple of decades.  The owner of Mezlan is in our Costa Mesa, CA floor covering store looking for carpet for their new shoe store in 5th Avenue in New York City.  I suggest wool since it won’t scratch the leather soles of these fine shoes.  We get to talking and I find out that the owner, Antonio Sanchez, remembers my dad.  Long story short, we get the business to ship him carpet to his New York shoe boutique.

Hemphill’s Shoes in Alhambra, CA and Newport Beach, CA enjoyed 50 plus years in business.  Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets is beyond 20 years.  Great to be a part of the retail landscape of Southern California for over 70 years.


New Canaan Rug & Carpet Wilton Collection

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets has gone directly to the source many times to get the same products offered by Stark and Kravet.  This holds true with our New Canaan Wilton Carpet and Rug Collection.

Our showroom offers these products for wall to wall carpet installation, stair runners and made to order rugs.

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Rug “Re-Creation”

A “re-creation” rug. This Chinda collection rug was originally imported to the United States by Pande Cameron. The Chindia collection was phased out in the 1980’s. Our client loved this rug so much, they wanted another one. We were able to make contact with the original weaver in India via a great friend and mentor of ours.  Special thanks to Norm Sweeters for making this happen. This hand knotted “re-creation” is enroute from India.  Do you have a rug that you want to “re-create”?  We might be able to assist you.



Spring Carpet Sale – Lowest Prices of the Season

NKM-2016 Nourison sale WNZ_Horizontal_Banner-small

This Spring is the best opportunity to update you home with new carpet.  We have several promotions going on through May.  Save on New Zealand wool carpet from Stanton, Nourison, Hibernia Woolen Mills, J. Mish, Godfrey Hirst, Prestige Mills, Fabrica, Masland, Radici, Bellbridge, Woolshire, Weave Tuft, Unique Carpets and more.

In addition, we have savings on Stainmaster nylon carpet from Fabrica and Masland.

May is National Karastan Month.  Enjoy savings on both rugs and carpet from April 21 – June 7.

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Custom Designer Rugs

IMG_5347 IMG_5348 IMG_5349 IMG_5350

We love to do custom area rugs!  We recently reconnected with an old friend who is now our liason for custom tufted rugs overseas.  And his wife is our artist to assist you in creating the perfect rug!  We now offer these rugs in a variety of fibers including nylon, New Zealand wool, bamboo and silk.  Fibers can also be combined.  We have a library of designs. We can modify the design to meet your specifications.  We have 100’s of ARS color poms (see below) to select from which are keyed to the universal Pantone color choices.   We offer artwork (as shown in the images above) within 48 hours at no cost.  We make a strike off (as shown in the images above for a nominal charge).  The strike off cost will be rebated with an order. This is a terrific program.  We have sourced with an old friend in the industry to offer this program at a very competitive price and reasonable delivery times.  Only the finest fibers and constructions are offered.  You will not be disappointed.   Consider using fabrics as your inspiration.  We can match a fabric pattern (see below) or interpret it to fit your design needs.

IMG_5352 IMG_5353


From Grass to Wine Glass

vineyard wool carpet Wool carpet in vineyards? Bellbridge Wool Carpets, Benicia, CA has launched an exciting recycling project with a leading Napa Valley wine producer, Nord Vineyards. Following the impressive results from ‘Wool… the blooming success’ project with Pleasanton Middle School in California; Bellbridge has partnered with Nord Vineyards who have ‘installed’ Bellbridge wool carpets among their Cabernet Sauvignon vine. The goal was to investigate additional sustainable practices for reuse of wool carpets. The carpet is laid in some areas face down to the soil and in other areas with backing to the soil. Wool carpet is expected to deliver 4 benefits to the growing of the vine and the grapes. Weed Blocker: Carpet laid between the vines will inhibit weed growth that would otherwise take moisture and nutrients away from the vine. Fertilizer: As wool degrades it releases significant amounts of essential elements, including high levels of Nitrogen that promote vigorous plant growth. Carpets will be cut around the vines to ‘feed’ the plant. Moisture Barrier: Wool carpet will act as a barrier to help hold the moisture in the soil reducing evaporation during the peak hot weather in California, thereby conserving water consumption. Erosion Mat: The carpet will help prevent erosion of the land as hilly exposed terrain is a common feature of the Napa Valley. This could be a major benefit.

Julie Nord, owner of the Nord Vineyards is also a qualified soil scientist; this large scale project involves thousands of feet of used and scrap wool carpet that would otherwise end up in landfill. The project will be closely monitored and is an exciting use for Bellbridge wool carpets.

Nord are also introducing sheep to the same vineyard. The sheep will feed on the grass between the vines, reducing the need for manual cutting with equipment, and thereby completing a sustainable recycling model. From fine carpets to fine wine!

Fall 2014 Carpet and Rug SALE


Now is the best chance in 2014 to SAVE on your new carpet and area rugs at Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets Orange County.  We have several promotions going on now:

  • Fabrica Nylon & Wool Carpet – October 1 thru November 27
  • Masland Nylon & Wool Carpet – October 1 thru November 27
  • Karastan Wool Carpet – September 27 thru November 27
  • Wools of New Zealand Premier Partner – October 15 – November 30 **

** The Wools of New Zealand Premier Partner SALE is only available to a select group of authorized retailers in the United States.  Save on 100’s of patterns from wool manufactures such as:

HIbernia Woolen Mills, Nourison, Woolshire, Masland*, Fabrica*, Radici, Prestige Mills, Weave-Tuft, Concepts International, Stanton, J Mish,  Ascend, Design Materials, and Creative Accents.

* The Premier Partner SALE pricing overrides the Masland and Fabrica sale pricing since the Wools of New Zealand SALE offers deeper discounts.

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