How To Evaluate Quality Carpet

Signs of Quality
Trying to evaluate the huge amount of carpet types on the market can feel overwhelming. It is easy to be misled when comparing woven to tufted and cut-pile to loop. What you need to take into account when buying a quality carpet are the identifiable signs of quality:

While you are looking at the label, also examine the backing of the carpet. Make sure the backing has a tight weave. This ensures quality and wear.

Stain-resistant treatments, like those from  Stainmaster, are often applied to nylon carpets to make them easier to clean. Since wool is naturally soil resistant, it does not require further treatment.

Most carpets are either woven or tufted. Weaving is the superior method as it locks each yarn into the backing, creating a highly durable carpet. Tufted carpets are less expensive because they can be made faster.

Pile Density
Density refers to the amount of pile yarn used in the carpet and the closeness of the weave. In general, the denser the pile, the better the performance. Take the sample and bend the face-pile away from you. Can you see the backing? The denser the pile, the less backing will be visible.
Face Weight
Face weight is the amount of fiber used on the surface of the carpet expressed in ounces per square yard. This should not be confused with total weight, which is the face weight plus the weight of the backing. Do not buy a carpet because it has a high face weight. Other qualities, like density, fiber, and weave are more important. Keep in mind: a lighter weight woven carpet will outperform a higher weight tufted product.

Carpet fibers are twisted together for harder wear and a defined look. The tighter the fiber twist, the longer the carpet will perform.


Stainmaster Limited Lifetime Stain Warranty

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets introduces you to the Stainmaster Limited Lifetime Stain Warranty.  After you purchase your Stainmaster carpet,  visit to register your carpet purchase or to find general cleaning instructions. (Note: Warranty registration is recommended but not required to activateyour warranty coverage.) For warranty service or special assistance for carpet care and cleaning, call the Stainmaster Consumer Care group at 1-800-438-7668. Hours are 8AM to 5PM EST, Monday through Friday. Or, contact by email at:

To maintain your warranty coverage you must do the following:
• Clean stains or soiled areas promptly. If the problem remains after do-it-yourself cleaning, then have your carpet professionally cleaned (at your expense; these maintenance costs will not be reimbursed).
• If the problem still remains after professional cleaning, contact the Consumer Care group within 30 days of the professional cleaning.
• To qualify for coverage under all limited warranties outlined in this booklet, you must have had hot water extraction cleaning performed by a trained, qualified carpet care professional, at least as frequently as every 24 months since the date of purchase of your carpet. Failing to do so can void your warranty coverage.

If you have a problem with your carpet and believe it is covered by one or more of the limited warranties outlined
in this warranty brochure, you must file a claim by contactingour Consumer Care group. When you call, you will be asked
to provide the following:
• An explanation of the issue, what caused the problem, and a description of what the carpet looks like now
• When and where the carpet was purchased, including the retailer’s telephone number
• The carpet style name and style number
• Square yards purchased
• Date(s) and proof of professional cleaning(s)(1)
If the problem is determined to be covered by one of the limited warranties, you will be asked to provide the
original sales receipt or other documentation acceptable to INVISTA which shows proof of purchase and installation
of a STAINMASTER® carpet and of carpet cushion which meets the requirements noted under the Texture Retention
Limited Warranty. The documentation must include the STAINMASTER® carpet name and style information.
You must also provide INVISTA with all related professional cleaning receipts (showing service dates), if required.
Please note that INVISTA will not reimburse you for your costs of professional cleaning.  They  may also request a small piece (6˝x6˝) swatch of remnant carpet and cushion.


Lifetime Stain Resistance Limited Warranty (pet urine; food & beverage) For the Warranty Period stated the surface pile of your
STAINMASTER® carpet will resist food and beverageor pet urine stains that occur during normal residentialuse (“covered stains”) subject to your compliance with recommended carpet care and cleaning procedures,shown on pages 1 and 2, INVISTA will, at our sole option, repair the affected area of your carpet containing the covered stain. If a repair cannot reasonably be made,
we will replace the affected area of your carpet. No carpet is fully stain proof. Therefore, INVISTA does
not extend warranty coverage to any of the substances or causes of damage identified below (“non-covered
stains”). The following are examples of non-covered stains excluded from this limited warranty:
• Non-food and non-beverage stains caused bysubstances, including, for example, but not limited to, cosmetics, bleaches, inks, etc.
• Stains caused by substances that destroy or change the color of the carpet, including, for example, but not limited to, stains caused by dyes (such as clothing or food coloring), bleaches, acne medications, drain cleaners and plant food.
• Human or other pet stains (such as vomit, blood and feces).
• Color changes due to fading.

Read complete details:  Stainmaster Warranty Brochure

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets offers a huge selection of Stainmaster protected carpets from carpet mills such as Moda, Fabrica, Masland, Camelot, Catalina Home and Dixie Home.


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Flooring Warranties and Expectations: Oh, what tangled webs we weave

REPOSTED from The Floorcovering Institute Blog
By Lew Migliore

We surely see some tangled messes in the flooring industry when customers buy flooring products based on marketing and not based upon choosing the right products for their location or application. Invariably, the product doesn’t live up to their expectations. Flooring warranties are part of the marketing package; they are not insurance against a bad product choice and we need to do a better job at making sure our sales people and customers understand the difference.

For every application there is an appropriate product. The right product in the right place, and there always is one, will perform up to the expectations of the end user. The role of the flooring professional is to guide the buying decision toward the right product. In the absence of professional help a consumer is left to make a decision based upon marketing alone. Even with “professional help” they can come away confused. Here’s a great example of a consumer who is trying to make the right carpet decision but is “so confused.”

A warranty, or guarantee, is an assurance of the quality of or of the length of use to be expected from a product offered for sale often with a promise of reimbursement.

All warranties come with exclusions. Most warranties are never fully read or even seen until there’s a problem and then the consumer is left to interpret them alone only to find that the warranty rarely covers what they thought it did. Take “wear” for example.

The Wear Warranty: What the Consumer Hears

“Wear” to our carpet industry means the abrasive loss of fiber, up to 10% loss over a period of 5 or 10 years, depending on how the warranty reads. To a consumer it means something totally different.

When a consumer hears “wear” they think “appearance retention.” Naturally, any change to the product appearance they weren’t expecting – generally after a short period of time – is what they consider “wear” …. traffic lanes that appear matted or crushed or carpet that is disarrayed in front of a favorite sofa or chair, or what I like to call “ugly out.” When the product doesn’t look the same in these areas as it does in areas not used so much, consumers think it is “wearing” prematurely. This misunderstanding is the genesis of many complaints and claims. Stain warranties are another.

Stain Warranties: Spot vs. Stain
Stain warranties typically state that the carpet offers improved resistance to stains when the carpet is properly installed and maintained in its original single-family interior location. (This makes the phrase “properly installed and maintained” very important but warranties rarely say what that is) …. but more to my point…what is a stain and what is a spot and why does it matter?

Spot vs. Stain

A spot is caused when a foreign substance is spilled onto the floor leaving a residue that attracts dirt that creates a dark spot. A stain is the result of a foreign substance coming in contact with the surface of the flooring that either imparts color to or strips the color from the floor. Spots will clean out, stains will not. A stain warranty doesn’t mean the carpet won’t get dirty or show dirt.

Stain exclusions

Stain warranties exclude stains from non-food and non-beverage substances. Staining from acne medications, household cleaners, swimming pool chemicals, chlorine bleach, insecticides, plant foods, vomit, feces, and other harsh substances are not covered by these warranties. These warranties cover staining only; not soiling. Most perceived stains are actually spots or soil. Oh by the way….all those “Oxy” type cleaning products you see on TV? They stain flooring!

No Mat / No Crush Warranty

This is one of my favorites. No mat no crush warranties say the carpet will not mat or crush from foot traffic. This warranty excludes stairs and hallways. Carpet is a vertically oriented textile floor covering and when walked on repeatedly, particularly in concentrated, unalterable and pivotal areas, it mats and crushes. This is what it does naturally; it’s the law of physics at work. What the warranty should say is that the carpet is guaranteed to mat and crush or compact to a certain extent. Depending on the construction the matting may be unnoticeable or very noticeable, but it is going to occur.

Exclusions, Legalese and Marketing Adding to the Confusion

There are those who think that warranties are the single biggest injustice perpetrated on the consumer because what is given in one paragraph is taken away in the next three and what they think is covered is not. Warranties are largely marketing tools written by legal and marketing departments and not so much protection against a product that fails to perform.

Making the Right Decision

Buying decisions should start with qualifying the user and the intended use of the product. That is more important than marketing or warranty promises. A conscientious flooring professional will know the product and what it was designed to do – and not do. If the right product is chosen and installed properly you’ll rarely ever need to read the warranty – or need a claims and performance specialist like me.

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In our showroom, we do not like to “over sell” warranties and claims. It simply makes for unrealistic expectations from customers in the long run. This translates into an unhappy customer. Most of the business at Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets comes from repeat clients and referrals. When you shop at our showroom, you will discover why.