Yacht Carpet – Yes. We Do It.

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McKinna Yachts  94′ – Stunning yacht.  We were fortunate enough to play a small role in providing the owner a magnificent interior

in this fabulous yacht.  Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets can assist you with your flooring needs as well.


Undyed Natural Wool Carpet

There are those who wish to be as environmentally benign as possible. We do have an assortment of products for those folks. They are Sierra Naturals, Cascade Naturals, Softer Than Sisal Naturals, Four Seasons, and Stratford. These products use no chemical dyes; their colors are created by blending the natural colors that exist in wool. Hence, no powder blue.

blue sheep
But those who want powder blue often ask why natural dyes are no longer used to create color. Well over one hundred years ago, synthetic dyes came into being due to population growth and the need to use irrigable land for other uses than to grow indigo, saffron, madder, and woad (woad? Like wocky woad?) strictly for use as dyes. Dyes used to dye wool are all well established acid dyes and if your customers have furniture, curtains, upholstered automobiles, and clothes, they regularly come into contact with this stuff. Additionally, natural dyes generally have poor lightfastness properties and require heavy metal mordants (to help natural dyes affix to the fiber) so they really aren’t necessarily an environmental improvement. By comparison, acid dyes have no toxicity concerns and are not hazardous to the environment since exhaustion of the dyes onto wool is almost 100% so there are only minimal traces of dyes in the outflow. Read this again, it may be on the final exam.


Our showroom offers wool carpet and area rugs from: Unique Carpets, Masland, Woolshire, Fabrica, Hibernia, Godfrey Hirst, Hycraft, Couristan, Karastan, Bellbridge, Radici, Nourison, Luxelooms, Prestige Mills, Rodeo, Antrim, Cavan, Weave Tuft, Missoni, Concepts International, Rugs International, Obeetee, Hagaman, Design Materials, Fibreworks, Robertex, Stanton, Royal Dutch and more.

Naturally: Undyed Wool Carpet

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets has been identified as a Premier Partner Showroom of Excellence by the Wools of New Zealand. Naturally, we sell a lot of wool carpet and area rugs. Recently, we have had a couple of new products that have really garnered a lot of interest and sales. Both Stratford and Hanover are unique in that the wool in not dyed. The carpet offers all of the benefits of wool and a real natural look right down to slight variations in color. Learn more about the features and benefits of wool HERE.


Offering over 70 brands of carpet, wood, area rugs, specialty floors & accessories –
Karastan, Masland, Fabrica, Moda, Company C, Richard Marshall, Woolshire, Stanton, Nourison,
Dixie Home, Bellbridge, Carousel, Robertex, Kane, Couristan, Royal Dutch, Feizy Rugs, InnerAsia,
Gangchen Carpets of Tibet, Obeetee, Capel, Radici, Godfrey Hirst, J. Mish, Hagaman, Hibernia,
Tommy Bahama, Design Materials, Fibreworks, Merida Meridian, Natural Carpet Company,
Concepts International, Prestige, Rosecore, Weave-Tuft, Rugs International, Greenwood, and more.

Sisal, Seagrass, Jute & Abaca – Hemphill’s Has It All

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All About Natural Fibers

Abaca Rug Fibers
Part of the banana family, abaca is considered the strongest of all natural fibers. The dramatic range of natural colors – from the glossy, white inner fibers to the dark, coarse outer fibers – and variation in texture make abaca uncommonly beautiful as natural fiber rug. There are no dyes used in our abaca products and no backing material. Merida’s abaca rugs are 100% natural.

Hemp Rug Fibers
Hemp can grow to between 2-4 meters high, making its fibers among the world’s longest soft natural fibers, perfect for natural fiber rugs. Hemp is a long, strong and durable fiber that can be made into fabrics, textiles, paper, plastics, fuels, detergents, cosmetics and foods. Because it does not attract pests, hemp does not require the use of pesticides, making it a very environmentally-friendly crop.

Jute Rug Fibers

Jute is a soft, flexible and hard wearing fiber that is well-suited to a natural floor covering material. Merida Meridian’s distinctive 100% jute rugs are woven in India and will resist wear and tear thanks to the abrasion-resistant properties of the fiber. Jute fiber is considered an eco-friendly material that is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Merida’s jute yarns are not dyed.

Paper Rug Fibers
As a truly innovative use of a familiar material, Merida’s distinctive paper products begin with virgin wood sourced from sustainable, managed forests in the U.S. The paper yarn is created by twisting strips of paper on a high speed twister that produces firm and strong paper cord. During this process, a wax emulsion is applied to the paper to help it spin smoothly, also adding to the yarn’s water resistance. This construction results in an uncommonly strong, durable natural fiber rug that is smooth and soft underfoot.

Seagrass Rug Fibers
Seagrass can be found around the world and is known for retaining its fresh, grassy scent long after it has left the field. The natural fiber is rarely dyed, partly because its natural colors are so varied and attractive, but also because it effectively repels moisture. When seagrass is woven into a rug, the result is a highly spill-resistant, durable, resilient natural fiber rug that is comfortable underfoot and retains the fresh look of the outdoors. Merida’s seagrass products bring a touch of exotic elegance and unusual texture to any room.

Sisal Rug Fibers
Sisal fiber is obtained from the agave plant, and Merida Meridian sources the world’s highest quality sisal, the longest, finest, and whitest fiber, from the agave plantations of East Africa. Merida’s superior spinning capability results in strong, lustrous yarns. Sisal natural fiber rugs are naturally sound-absorbing, antistatic, and extremely durable due to the inherent qualities of this tough, hard wearing fiber.

Sisal is a sustainable and renewable source of woven floor covering material and is a more environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic substitutes. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used in sisal production, and most weeding is done by hand rather than through the use of herbicides.

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets offers natural fiber products from Design Materials, Fibreworks, Merida Meridian, The Natural Company, Unique Carpets, Prestige Mills, Van Dijk and others. In addition, the showroom is filled with a variety of binding options including a huge range of reasonably priced leather binding in every color and texture imaginable. We specialize in fabricating area rugs.

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets
230 East 17th Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92627