Made To Order Indoor Outdoor Area Rugs

Vitalize your exterior spaces in ways you never imagined with an outdoor carpet. Explore outdoor options for spaces such as porches,swimming pools, spas and sun rooms. Discover high quality UV protection in materials that are resistant to fungus, bacteria, sun light,humidity, chlorine, food stains and perspiration. Each outdoor carpet is fashioned to replicate the feeling of an indoor carpet. With our discerning proprietary designs, your patio, deck or porch area can be as fashionable as your living room. Purchase at Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets Costa Mesa, CA.

Outdoor-9.Stripe Outdoor-8.Zig Zag Outdoor-7.Wave Outdoor-6.Grid Outdoor-5.Ellipse Outdoor-3.Mondrian Outdoor-2.Herringbone Outdoor-1.Crocodile