Best Value Machine Made Wool Rug

Our Metro Collection offers the best quality and priced New Zealand wool rug on the market.  Purchase oneline at Hemphill’s Rugs and enjoy FREE shipping.  Or check them out in our Costa Mesa / Newport Beach showroom at 448 E 17th Street Costa Mesa, CA

Amazing Made-to-Order Designer Rugs

Our team continues to wonder why designers who typically have clients in the upper middle to very high end market would consider purchasing rugs from the likes of West Elm, RH, Pottery Barn, etc.  Even the mass rug vendors like Surya, Loloi, Jaipur Living and Oriental Weavers don’t offer anything truly worth of being unique.  Thus, our showroom continues to spend lots of energy finding resources that are truly amazing.  We work with textile designers that think outside the box.  The end result is things like the following:

Furthermore, we don’t offer these products for sale online.  Photos don’t do these rugs justice.  We want to offer our local designers something so unique that their clients won’t find these fine offerings online.  We partner with our designer clients.  We offer our service and selection that is unsurpassed in our trading area. Our customers live in nice homes.  The last thing they want is to find the same rug in someone else’s home.  It’s like showing up to the Oscars with the same dress.  We make sure our clients have something special and unique.

Remember to support your community, kids and local events.  Your support helps us make a difference in our community.  We sponsor school fundraisers and community events. We know the local families and love repeat & referral business.








New Canaan Rug & Carpet Wilton Collection

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets has gone directly to the source many times to get the same products offered by Stark and Kravet.  This holds true with our New Canaan Wilton Carpet and Rug Collection.

Our showroom offers these products for wall to wall carpet installation, stair runners and made to order rugs.

img_9055 img_9056img_9057  img_9058img_9059  img_9060img_9060 img_9061

Rug “Re-Creation”

A “re-creation” rug. This Chinda collection rug was originally imported to the United States by Pande Cameron. The Chindia collection was phased out in the 1980’s. Our client loved this rug so much, they wanted another one. We were able to make contact with the original weaver in India via a great friend and mentor of ours.  Special thanks to Norm Sweeters for making this happen. This hand knotted “re-creation” is enroute from India.  Do you have a rug that you want to “re-create”?  We might be able to assist you.



Our Industries Generic Rug Problem

In going through our inventory of rugs and some vendor catalogs recently.  Oddly, things were all starting to look the same with several vendors overlapping to such as a degree that one wonders how they might separate themselves.  I am referring specifically to vendors such as Jaipur, Surya and Loloi.  Even their websites look the same.  You can find their products everywhere.  If I were a hired interior designer, I would be ashamed to show my clients such generic rugs.

During the past year or so, our showroom has gone to great lengths to find rugs that are unique. We are using the brokering services of several gentlemen that are well respected in our industry.  We are able to bring our clients, including  designers, products from England, Ireland, Romania, Afghanistan, Turkey, Nepal, Tibet, China, Pakistan, Vietnam, USA, Belgium, France, Italy and elsewhere.  We are also designing our own patterns and direct importing these rugs.

We invested in a color system from ARS that offers 1200 color options in wool.  We can make many of our rugs in a made-to-order size.  We don’t use the word “custom”, because it does not have to be expensive to get the size you need.

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets wants to be a fashion forward leader in floor covering for the home.  Having a unique rug on your floor is like having a great dress at a party.  And what an embarrassment when someone else has the same one.

img_7555 img_7556 img_7557 img_8063 img_8490 img_8848


10 Rugs That Make A Room


The right rug has a unique ability to shape a room and determine the overall atmosphere within a space. Not solely a treat for your feet, a rug can tie the elements of a room together. Stated simply by Edgar Allen Poe, “the carpet is the soul of the apartment.”

Here are 10 rugs that brighten their interiors.

Lyone Multi

Lyon, Multi 

With the collaboration between Samad and the acclaimed artist Rex Ray, Lyon, Multi is both imaginative and dynamic. This Rex Ray rug is handmade with fine wool hand knotted in Jaipur, India by master weavers. Bursting with color and energy, Rex Ray’s eye-catching work draws inspiration from the mid-century modernist style.

Galaxy Elements

Galaxy, Graphite

Inspired by the elements of nature, this modern design reflects a variety of landscapes. Hand-woven in Nepal with hand-carded wool and hand-carved silk, the Elements Collection is diverse in texture, with parts flat and raised, like the earth itself.


Burbur, Khaki

This plush Moroccan inspired design is heaven beneath your feet. With a neutral color palette and dynamic diamond design, this transitional design is beyond basic.



Gothatm, Black & Tribeca, Stone

These intricate designs from the Manhattan Reserve Collection are inspired by elements from antique Ottoman, Egyptian and Asian textiles. Made with hand-carded wool, these finely woven rugs offer an incredible aesthetic value rare in hand-knotted carpets.


A-105, Multi

This modern design from the Whimsical Collection is truly art for the floor. Woven and sheared low in the style of antique carpets, A-105 offers soothing hues of taupe, gold and pale blue, which provide a sense of calm and serenity within a space.


Armstrong, Charcoal

This Ikat inspired designs offers dynamic and expressive shapes that evoke the scattered rhythms and spontaneous beats of a soulful Jazz song. Made with hand-carded wool, this vibrant rug exudes style and personality.


Dalliance, Maize

This pretty pink rug from our Amour Reserve Wool & Silk Collection offers a transitional design which seamlessly fuses old world charm with new world confidence. This finely woven carpet is made with hand-carded wool and hand spun, hand carved silk.

Amaze Cream

Amaze, Cream

Amaze, Cream from the Serendipity Wool & Silk Collection combines traditional decorative and floral elements with a unique and vibrant color palette. Made with hand-carded wool and hand-spun, hand-carved silk, this eye-catching piece is both striking and elegant.


Antewing, Ivory

Antewing, Ivory from the Modern Tibet III Collection is finely hand-knotted in Nepal. Hand-crafted with wool and up to 50% silk, this innovative design is both refreshing and modern.

All of these rugs are available for purchase at Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets Costa Mesa, CA

New Zealand Wool Flat Weave Rugs

Our newest collection offers 4 patterns in 5 color options PLUS six made to order “standard” colors.  In addition, we can offer these rugs in any of our combination of 1200 ARS colors!  Standard stock sizes range from 2 x 3 to 10 x 14.  Made to order sizes up to 20′ x 30!


WD-01 WD-02 WD-03 WD-04 WD-05 WD-06 WDB-101














AS-01 AS-02 AS-03 AS-05















WFB-104 WF-06 WF-05 WF-04 WF-03 WF-02 WF-01


WH-01 WH-02 WH-03 WH-04 WH-05 WH-06 WHB-105 WHB-106