Stripes & Trellis – Carpet, Rugs and Runners

One of the many wool trellis and striped patterned carpets that we offer in our showroom.  Offered for wall to wall installation, area rugs and stair runners.  Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets is a Wools of New Zealand Premier Partner showroom which offers wool carpet from dozens of manufactures and importers.  Featured names such as Nourison, Stanton, Karastan, Couristan, Masland, Fabrica, Woolshire, Prestige, Concepts International, Unique Carpets, Hagaman, Robertex, Missoni, Weave Tuft, Fibreworks, Royal Dutch, Antrim, Cavan, Godfrey Hirst, Hibernia Woolen Mills and more…..

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Our showroom is filled with great stripe carpet and area rugs. Stripes can add a neat element in the design scheme of your home. Stripes can be installed as a runner on stairs and make a boring staircase come to life. Stripes also look great installed or as area rugs in kids bedrooms, home offices and family rooms. We offer striped carpets and area rugs from Concepts International, Karastan, Weave Tuft, Glen Eden, Safavieh, Prestige Mills, Missoni, Unique, Woolshire, Masland, Fabrica and more. Check out this new line of striped area rugs.



Unique Wool Carpets –

Have you ever considered using a pattern carpet in your home?  Rather it be to make a boring staircase come to life, a unique design for a guest bedroom, or a terrific area rug – a pattern carpet can give the designer “wow” factor to your home.   The patterns shown above would look smashing with a leather border.  Our showroom is filled with great patterned carpets.  Let your imagination go wild!  Consider patterns such as trellis, animal, geometric,vines, scrolls, stripes and more……

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets offers terrific pattern carpets from Bellbridge, Nourison, Karastan, Stanton, Royal Dutch, J. Mish, Woolshire, Radici, Fabrica, Masland, Weave Tuft, Prestige Mills, Moda, Camelot, Concepts International, Missoni, Couristan, Carousel, Robertex, Godfrey Hirst, Hibernia Woolen Mills, and more.



Ascend Custom Rugs & Carpet

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Once again, Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets has used their contacts worldwide to come up with something really spectacular!  Featured in this slide show are just a few examples of custom rug and wall to wall carpet products available from a resource in New Zealand.  In fact, we will be touring their facility in New Zealand later this year.  These designer quality products can be custom shaped, sized and colored.  Unique to this line is the use of bamboo in creating a few of these products.

The ordering process will include selecting the product.  Choose from short shags, core wrap yarns, long shags, stripes, etc.  Then you select your colors.  Choose from standard colors or we can submit a color (paint chips, fabrics, another carpet) and get a strike off for approval made.

And while a picture may be worth 1000 words, these photos can’t do these floorcoverings justice. The texture and feel cannot be conveyed in a photograph.



Just Arrived: Colorful Stripe Rugs

We have sourced a really nice wool striped area rug that comes in a variety of colors. The pile of the rug is further enhanced by having two “levels” which adds texture and gives further dimension to the stripes. Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets offers this rug in standard sizes: 6 x 9; 8 x 10; 9 x 12 and 10 x 14. Custom sizes area also available.


Custom Hair on Hide Area Rugs

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets
continues to search the world for great looking unique products for your floors. We are featuring a collection of hair on hide rugs that offer some interesting stitching options not found elsewhere. These rugs can be made in whatever size you desire. We offer the sewn squares in a variety of sizes ranging from 2″ to 16″. An additional border of leather can be added as well.

We offer creative options including stripes or the addition of a random zebra square within the rugs.

Hide Rug Architectural Digest May 2011



Color Story: Black, White and Pink

Some of our design ideas for Spring are shown in the photo above. Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets is more than just rugs and carpets. Hemphill’s features floor covering designed by Missoni. Bold florals, shags and stripes are part of the offerings. How about a wool pashmina? We have over 20 colors available. Votivo candles are also part of our collection of accessories.

Black and white is a great look that allows for colors to be added to the mix. Animal prints have shown a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Zebra certainly makes a fun statement. Hemphill’s offers zebra patterns in both area rugs and installed carpet. Our new collection of Brink & Campman rugs offers some great black and white patterns.

The Prestige trellis pattern with coordinating border shown in pink has been a popular choice. Other colors are available.

How about a leather plank floor in black with an embossed crocodile print?

Our showroom also offers a collection of great looking wood floors including black and white! Richard Marshall Olde Boards, Garrison, Verde, Greenwood and others offer floors to compliment the interior of your home.

Hemphill’s offers products from over 70 different vendors at discounted prices. Our selection has been broadened to include some home accessories, fabrics, pillows, candles and more.


One Look. It’s Unmistakenly Missioni Italian Luxury

High end, designer driven, wool luxury products; these phrases are commonly heard when describing the Missoni brand featured in Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets showroom.

Missoni Fluery

Missoni Wengen Shags

Missoni carpets are recognized within the carpeting industry as an innovative and refreshing option with big scale prints, colorful stripes, and geometric shapes all brought to you in a color palette not replicated anywhere else. The wool woven products are guaranteed to make a bold statement as an area rug, runner, or wall to wall carpeting in any space.

Missoni Impulse

Missoni Mikonos

Visit Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets and take a look at the unique flare and unmistakable signature designs brought to you by Missoni. Our showroom is open to the trade and public.


Stark Sisal in Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest May 2009 - Leather bound sisal runner & rug

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets offers this same sisal “herringbone” sisal that Stark offers at a substantial savings. We have the ability to do an on site installation that allows for your rug to follow the contour of your room. The fabrication shown here used leather trim for the edging. We offer several different types of leather, linen, cotton, microfiber, suede, espadrille stripes, tapestry, fabric and jute.

Click HERE for the complete selection of colors offered in this patterned sisal.

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets features over 70 name brands of wood floor, carpet, area rugs and specialty floors. Visit our Website for additional information.


Custom Wool Carpet Options

J Mish Custom Wool Creations

J Mish Custom Wool Creations

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets is proud to represent J. Mish.  They have introduced Custom Creations, a broadloom program that offers quality, fashion, value and the opportunity for the discerning customer to choose color as well as other facets of design.

Carrying the Wools of New Zealand brand, which guarantees quality and performance, Custom Creations consists of eleven fashion-forward textures that are available in any color for a 450 square foot minimum. J. Mish offers selection from 100 standard shades or will match a color sample. Including tufted multi-level loop, cut/loop and cut-pile styles that range from bold stripes to subtle corduroy effects and nubby surfaces, Custom Creations offers boundless possibilities.

“We’re very adaptable,” says Don Karlin, J. Mish vice president of sales. “Custom Creations is an idea book. We end up doing more than custom color. We will even change the style to suit the customer.”  Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets is well versed in custom coloring and getting their customers exactly what they desire.

New Zealand wool is the best for carpet, according to Karlin. “Our customers rely on wool from New Zealand to give them a crisp, clear color line. Other carpets are made of wool from wherever. We know where our wool comes from,” Karlin stresses. “New Zealand wool  takes color better than other kinds of wool,” states Karlin, “and color is what sets a line apart from the competition.”

In addition to Custom Creations, J. Mish has developed its Wools of New Zealand custom area rug program. This custom made-to-order fabricated rug program has a number of unique features not available from other U.S. wool manufacturers. Of particular interest is a 3-color bordered rug program in which the border is seamless. Additionally, J. Mish will provide custom border-only material that Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets can fabricate on site.