Our Industries Generic Rug Problem

In going through our inventory of rugs and some vendor catalogs recently.  Oddly, things were all starting to look the same with several vendors overlapping to such as a degree that one wonders how they might separate themselves.  I am referring specifically to vendors such as Jaipur, Surya and Loloi.  Even their websites look the same.  You can find their products everywhere.  If I were a hired interior designer, I would be ashamed to show my clients such generic rugs.

During the past year or so, our showroom has gone to great lengths to find rugs that are unique. We are using the brokering services of several gentlemen that are well respected in our industry.  We are able to bring our clients, including  designers, products from England, Ireland, Romania, Afghanistan, Turkey, Nepal, Tibet, China, Pakistan, Vietnam, USA, Belgium, France, Italy and elsewhere.  We are also designing our own patterns and direct importing these rugs.

We invested in a color system from ARS that offers 1200 color options in wool.  We can make many of our rugs in a made-to-order size.  We don’t use the word “custom”, because it does not have to be expensive to get the size you need.

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets wants to be a fashion forward leader in floor covering for the home.  Having a unique rug on your floor is like having a great dress at a party.  And what an embarrassment when someone else has the same one.

img_7555 img_7556 img_7557 img_8063 img_8490 img_8848


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