Made to Order Rug Edging Choices


Our showroom offers a variety of products as “made to order”.  We don’t use the word “custom” since that word makes things sound expensive.  The image above shares some industry terms that are used to describe materials and treatments used to create “made to order” rugs.  On the far left is an economical way to have a “wide” border.  The material is run through a folder and the stitching shows.  Corners are overlapped since it cost less to do that versus hand sew mitred corners.  The second from the left is “blindstitch” with an overlapped corner.  One edge of the fabric is sewn onto the field of the rug.  It is wrapped and glued onto the back.   The middle example is blindstitch with a hand sewn mitred corner.  This is the most labor intensive process for applying an edge finish.  The narrow machine binding is the simplest and most cost effective way to finish a “made to order” area rug.  “Serging” on the far right is just a bit more expensive than narrow machine binding.  Often times, when creating a rug, we purchase extra matching wool serging from the mill so that we can exactly match the color of the wool used in the field of the rug.



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