Rugs – Rugs – Rugs

Sometimes you just need a little more color in your life.
Something that dazzles with jewel tones and geometric patterns.
Or maybe you prefer a more traditional design but with a twist
like an unexpected, saturated hue.
Loloi rugs is one of our newest vendors and they have some of the most beautiful, fashion forward designs for your home
when it comes to rugs and pillows.  Below is a photo of their showroom in High Point, NC.
Their designs are timeless and current at the same time-
which  can be hard to achieve and they also have something to fit every taste and budget.
From contemporary to classic, to shag to transitional to bright and beautiful-
you name it.
Many of our West Coast clients tend to crave neutrals in most spaces
but that said- show them a pattern and colors like these… and they might change their mind.


That saturated and yet perfectly worn teal in the Journey collection- seriously amazing and
Loloi rugs Viera Collection is traditional with a touch of contemporary at the same time- and that red and that faded blue.
Maybe you are looking for a more jazzy modern look like these rugs to say ‘You’ in your room.  The style and pattern in the Vista Collection might be the one. It’s different than your average traditional style rug- but you know what?
Sometimes, a little touch of something different is exactly what a traditional styled room needs.
Like this ‘room’ for example-

The Elton Collection are somewhat traditional patterns and colors but look at how well they pair with the clean lines and details in the more modern take on the chairs and ottoman.

 It’s those juxtapositions that you find you are unexpectedly loving that turn into a whole new perspective and idea for bringing a touch of that to your home.



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