Go Green With Wool Carpet

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets favorite environmentally friendly product is wool carpeting. Why? Learn about wool carpet and see for yourself why we became fans of this great product!

The environmentally-friendly aspects and natural benefits of wool carpet start with the green environment where the sheep graze. If your carpeting is coming from a green pasture, you could say it’s a great start to “going green.”

Beauty – Wool carpet is easy to care for and will last and last.

Health – If your family members are allergy-prone, you’ll love wool carpet because it’s allergy friendly. It’s also fire resistant and has air purification qualities.

Comfort – Wool carpeting is known for being tactile, sound absorbing, having insulating capabilities, and can even improve air quality since it doesn’t kick up dust fibers.

Renewable – Sheep sheared during the summer go back to grazing and growing more wool, which makes them a renewable resource!

Biodegradable – When natural wool is allowed to go back into soil, it will decompose naturally.

Recyclable – Bet you didn’t know that the insulating material found in wool carpet is often used around plants, and it provides mulch to the soil.

Energy Efficient – It takes 1/8th the amount of energy to produce wool carpet versus nylon carpets. Those who live in places with hot summers and chilly winters, you’ll love wool carpet because its insulating factors keeps heat from rising in the summer and also keep your rooms warmer in the winter.

Special thanks to @thedesignstudio for showing us a really practical product that is not only great for your home, but easy on the environment. If you would like to learn even more about wool carpeting, or find out how you can acquire the best kind of carpeting for your home, contact the experts at Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets in Orange County California.
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