Karastan Wool Carpet: New Introductions 2014

Artisan Brush Florenza Iconic Square Innovative Flair Luxurious Edge Patola close Perfectionist Reinvention Violetta Worsted Weave

Karastan, the largest processor of wool carpets and rugs in America, will debut 12 stunning wool styles for 2014.  In my opinion, this collection of new Karastan carpet introductions for 2014 is the most exciting in at least the past 10 years.  Bill Storey, a Karastan veteran of nearly 3 decades, is now President and his efforts during the past year are clearly evident.

  • Karaloc Introductions: Karastan’s Karaloc looms, which were originally introduced in 1934, enable weaving the carpet and backing together into one unit. The result is a unique, high-quality product that contributed to the development of Karastan’s reputation as a leader in luxury home décor. Even 80 years later, consumers continue to swoon over the traditional and sophisticated styles of Karastan’s Karaloc carpets. For 2014, Karastan utilizes this traditional process to create three trendy, must-have products, all of which carry the Wools of New Zealand brand. The introductions include: Worstead Weave, a small check that makes a big fashion statement; Worstead Elegance, a classy addition to Karastan’s wool category; and Patola, inspired by ikat designs and current fashion trends and using striated colors to create a unique dimensional look for fun, fresh, fabulous fashion.
  • Axminster Introductions: New Zealand wool is the purest, whitest wool in the world, offering excellent dyeing characteristics that create long-lasting colors. New Zealand wool is raised with little impact on the natural landscape. It is a renewable and biodegradable fiber that is one of the world’s most environmentally friendly products. “Wool has maintained an elite position in the flooring industry,” said Storey. “For those designers and home owners with an eye for high-end style and an unwillingness to compromise for less than the best, Karastan continues to provide retailers with answers for every project.” In 2014, Karastan offers three new 100% wool Axminster patterns: Violetta, which features loose, casual lines that meander gently into backgrounds of artichoke green, natural tan and chocolate brown; Serafina, whererows of square spirals march neatly across a palette of earth tones in Greek Key Square; and Florenza, in which simple, delicate leaf patterns against shades of tan, brown or green provide a soft natural backdrop to any traditional décor.
  • Tufted Introductions: Luxurious Edge, a 100% New Zealand wool tufted product, features light threads of classic beige to create a two-tone effect with earthy tans, browns and blues in this comfortable and relaxed wool loop.
  • Karastan Wool Blend Introductions: Karastan is also launching five additional wool blend products. A true differentiate for Karastan retailers, these five tufted styles provide a wide variety of pricing options and unique looks. Rounding out this impressive lineup of impressive wool products, the 2014 wool blend introductions include:
    • Reinvention: Gently etched into varying neutral-toned backgrounds, this graceful design evokes ancient minarets in exotic lands—or perhaps a curved porcelain vase—in a gorgeous cut pile texture with hand-carved detailing.
    • Artisan Brush: The random, graceful undulations of tree bark are beautifully replicated in this striped pattern with a coordinating color palette.
    • Iconic Square: Modern geometrics take center stage with tetris-shaped patterns carved onto various fashion-forward colored backgrounds. Blue tones dominate this tufted wool blend.
    • Innovative Flair: This wool blend elevates classic gray to stunning elegance. The upscale braided pattern, clean lines and tight texture offer a lovely formal look and timeless sophistication.
    • Perfectionist: This blended wool product uses an upscale grid pattern with clean lines, offering a timeless look. Coordinates beautifully with Innovative Flair.

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