Ascend Rug App for iPad

Download the FREE Ascend Rug App for your iPad 2 or newer

The entire Ascend Rugs collection on your iPad. Easily position, resize and photograph Ascend’s stunning collection of handmade wool rugs to find the perfect match for any room.

The Ascend Rugs app is the perfect tool for interior designers, making it simple to trial different options and get instant feedback. Email the images direct from the app to Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets and place your order

How it works:
1. Print the marker image on a sheet of paper — letter or A4 size works well, but bigger is better.
2. Place the marker on the floor in the room in the spot where the rug will go.
3. Browse the gallery of rug and color options.
4. Use your fingers to resize and rotate the rug.
5. Scroll through the rug options to try different styles and colours.
6. Save the photos or email them to yourself or friends to get feedback.

Key features:
• Browse the entire Ascend rugs catalogue
• Visualize different rug and color options within your room
Email photos direct from the app




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