New Arrival: Godfrey Hirst Easy Life Carpet

Although we prefer wool and Stainmaster nylon fiber carpets, this new collection of PET polyester carpets from Godfrey Hirst definitely fill a niche in our showroom.  These products are priced right and are perfect for rental properties, resale homes or base grade carpet for new construction.  In addition, these products will be great for active families.

With carpet styles that are rich with color, texture and patterns, our Easy Living collection uses PET polyester  manufactured with Spectral Solution Dyed Fiber helps meet the needs of a demanding household.

Spectral Solution Dyed Fiber is manufactured from continuous filament PET polyester.  Tightly fibers are tightly spun into yarn using higher twist levels than other manufacturers.  A dense construction in the carpet is used to provide greater performance, ensuring greater appearance retention as well as durability. Solution dyed yarn means lasting color and FADE RESISTENCE for years of exceptional color clarity.

Our commitment to the environment is another reason Godfrey Hirst chose to manufacture with Spectral color lock yarns made from PET polyester. PET polyester is one of the easiest carpet fibers to recycle. This helps reduce energy consumption, saving valuable petroleum resources and more iMportantly, helps eliminate solid waste from landfills.

This entire collection is available at Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets.  Visit our website and/or showroom

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