Back to the Basics: Made in the USA


There are certain things (think textiles) that should plain and simply be made in the USA.  Our country was great at producting fabrics, carpet, etc.   Over the past decade we have been seeing more and more carpet being made overseas.  As consumers struggled during the past four years, price became a major issue for all businesses.  The way to knock down the price was take production to Asia.  I see the quality and the price of the goods compared to those made domestically and it does not add up.  I would suggest that the mills are making much larger profit margins on goods produced in China and India.

As business has steadily improved for us during the past two years, there is an increasing amount of orders that get delayed because the goods are not in stock.  We can deal with that problem when the carpet is made in the United States.  Often times we can have carpet ready to install within a week or two if it was made in the USA.  Imported goods are shipped in containers, have to go through customs, get trucked to the mill, get put on another truck to the dealer.  And the consumer ends up having to wait 4 – 12 weeks depending on the queue.

Thankfully, some of our best vendors are making things right here:

Camelot (Santa Ana, CA) – nylon

Carousel (Calhoun, GA) – wool

Dixie Home (Calhoun, GA) – nylon

Fabrica (Santa Ana, CA) – nylon & wool

Hibernia (Georgia) – wool

J. Mish (Calhoun, GA) – nylon & wool

Karastan (Eden, NC) – wool

Masland (Saraland, AL) – nylon & wool

Moda (Commerce, CA) – nylon

Robertex (Calhoun, GA) – wool

Woolshire (Calhoun, GA) – nylon

We think that Americans are becoming more in tune with where the products they purchase are made.  Certainly, we can all contribute to a more robust economy and employment base if we really make an effort to purchase items that are MADE IN THE USA.

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets 230 East 17th Street Costa Mesa, CA  92627


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