Miele S 6270 Onyx Canister Vacuum

The  S 6270 Onyx canister vacuum is the latest design from Miele.

The Miele S6 Onyx Vacuum will come with two floor tools, one to handle bare floors and another to effectively clean low to medium pile carpeting. This vacuum also features the new low-noise 1200 Watt Vortex Motor™, redesigned casing, and the Airclean Sealed System™.

Our recommendation:  Perfect for use on the bare floors and medium pile carpets.

Miele S6 Onyx
Weight:  9 Pounds
Dimensions:  H: 9″ x W: 10″ x L: 17″
Active Clean Air Filter Included
The Active Clean Filter along with the AirClean bags creates an effective cleaning system that will outperform most vacuums as it captures 94% of all particles as small as .03 microns. You can upgrade to an AH-50 HEPA filter to trap 99.99% of dust and particle filtration that outperforms many air purifiers and bring the particle count down to almost zero!
Rotary Dial Power Controls
With six power settings you have optimal control of the suction level to adjust to the task at hand.  At the most powerful setting you have a vacuum that has industry leading suction.  You even have the choice of a Quiet Setting that balances performance and noise.
Foot Activated Controls
A simple press of the foot will easily retract the cord while the opposite foot control will turn the vacuum on or off.
Long Retractable Cord
the cord on the S6 machines extends a bit over 21ft making it less likely to need to change outlets in larger rooms.  When you are done cleaning simply tap the foot activated retraction pedal and the cord will automatically wrap up into the machine.
Included Accessories
Like all Miele Vacuums this vacuum comes standard with the upholstery tool, crevice tool and large brush.  These tools use the new VarioClip storage system to ride at the base of the hose.  Put your mouse over the image to the left to see an additional picture of the accessories.
Telescoping Wand with Quick Connect System
The long lasting stainless steel wand easily adjusts to the desired length.  The wand also features Miele’s Quick Connect System to easily snap attachments in place.  (Move your mouse over the image to view the quick connect feature.)
FJM ActiveClean Dust Bags
With 9 layers of filtration Miele’s Dust Bags are the envy of other manufactures.  The reinforced stitching prevents the bags from rupturing or ripping while the auto sealing opening prevents any accidental spillage when you remove the bag. This is the perfect compliment to an already ideal vacuum.
Crush Resistant Hose
Just like the vacuum, the hose is designed to last. Strong yet resilient the hose is crush resistant and securely attaches to the machine. The hose and the connection have been thoroughly tested by Miele to tolerate the demands of home use. (Move your mouse over the image to see the hose to vacuum connection.)
Bare Floor Tool
The SBB300-3 bare floor tool features long, soft bristles for cleaning on/in-between tiles or for use on sensitive wood floors.
Airdriven Floor brush
An STB205-3 Airdriven floor tool is also included with this machine for cleaning low to medium pile carpeting. The brushbar is active when air is circulating through the floor tool, this circulation of air enables the brushbar to spin freely on low to medium pile carpeting. To get the best use out of this tool, slowly pass over the carpeted surface.
Two Integrated Wand Holders
When not in use you can connect the wand to either the back or either side of the machine making it easy to store or move the machine.  (Move your mouse over the image for alternate attachment image.)
Standard Handle
This tubular handle swivels 360° and has a slide on it that allows for suction adjustment. Many accessories lock in to the end of the hand for use around your home.
Large Carrying Handle
The spacious handle makes it easy to transport the lightweight Onyx. In the picture to the left, it shows you the redesigned lever that opens the lid for access to the bag and pre motor filter.
360 Degree Wheels
The easy gliding full range of motion wheels allow you to vacuum with maximum balance and maneuverability.  The wheels even have raised gliders on both sides of the wheel to help you maneuver over objects such as cords or to transition between floor types.
Upgradeable Design
Because of the integrated power supply you can upgrade the vacuum to be compatible with a motorized floor tool.  You would need to purchase the corresponding wand, hose and floor tool to complete the upgrade.

Miele gets top ranking from J.D. Power & Associates – read about it HERE

Available at Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets  230 East 17th Street Costa Mesa, CA  92727  949-722-7224


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