Miele Vacuum Wins Stuff We Love Award

The Miele Cat & Dog S7 upright vacuum cleaner was just awarded the iVillage “Stuff We Love” Award.

Why We Love: Leave it to Miele to come up with a vacuum that not only powerfully sucks pet hair, dust and dander from carpet, but also absorbs animal odors. It comes with five tools, so you can clean every crevice and even use it for the car. Plus, it’s ultra-quiet so as not to frighten your furry friends.
Cool Fact:The vacuum’s high-tech AirClean filtration system retains 99.95% of particles and contains a charcoal cassette that naturally absorbs odors from the dust bag

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets is an Authorized Miele Vacuum dealer.   BUY ONLINE with FREE SHIPPING. Also, Miele vacuums are recommended by the Wools of New Zealand for use on wool carpet.

Check out the video replay from the NBC Today Show.  The vacuum is discussed at the 4:00 minute mark on the video

J.D. Power & Associates has ranked Miele upright vacuums #1 – beating Riccar, Dyson and Shark.  Read more HERE


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