Chinese Wood Flooring Imports Hit With Tariffs

Buyers of engineered wood flooring that is imported from China will likely see a large price increase in the coming months.

U.S. manufacturers of wood flooring will receive some relief after the Commerce Department decided this week to impose steep countervailing duties on Chinese imports of the products.

The Department ruled that duties of up to 27 percent can be imposed on Chinese imports of the product to offset the illegal subsidies those companies receive from the government. In all, 127 companies will be affected.

The Commerce Department is also looking into illegal anti-dumping allegations against those same Chinese companies.

U.S. manufacturers Anderson Hardwood Floors, Award Hardwood Floors and Shaw Industries Group initiated the process and are asking for anti-dumping duties totaling 281 percent. The Commerce Department is expected to wrap up its review of those charges sometime later this year.

The domestic industry claims that the Chinese government has used a host of illegal tactics to boost the domestic industry. That has resulted in China gaining a larger U.S. market share, up to 47 percent last year from 43 percent the year before.

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets offers a variety of wood flooring options including imported engineered floors from Garrison, Provenza, Greenwood and others. In addition, the showroom offers wood floors made in the United States including Richard Marshall, Private Reserve and others.



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