Custom Rugs – Looking Up For Ideas

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets is going to turn this stenciled ceiling into a 12′ Octagon area rug.

We created our first hand tufted custom rug nearly 13 years ago. Ironically, that was a curved hallway runner in which we mimicked the tin ceiling above. What comes around goes around. Our client in Dana Point wanted to take the stenciled pattern in the ceiling and create the same pattern on the rug that will fit directly below in their dining room.

We started the process on Labor Day morning. Photos, climbing a ladder with wool color samples, scaling the design, deciding what part of the rug to bevel all occurred during the first phase of the design project. Next comes a scaled rendering of the rug for approval and then we go into production. Our target is to have this rug in place in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

Follow along as Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets shares with you the process of creating this custom area rug.

UPDATE – 9-13-2010 – Here is the rendering:

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