Back in Black & Always in Style

Tired of endlessly debating which color rug to buy, only to be even further limited by texture, shape, and size constraints? Why not ditch the color dispute and go with black?

Some people feel that a plain black area rug has no character, but it’s really just the opposite. When used correctly, a plain black rug has the ability to make a room look simply elegant. Black rugs work in colored rooms because they don’t interfere with the décor, but still add warmth to the room. On the other extreme is the room that has basically no major color and the color is only provided by accents. A simple white room and with clean, modern furniture opens the door to utilize a black area rug to make this room a showroom of good taste. All this room needs is a pop of color and you’ll have a clean, sophisticated look.

Like in the situation mentioned above, a black area rug can be the ideal solution for many decorating problems. But there are some things you must keep in mind when using a black area rug. Remember that the shape of the rug will give a totally different appearance. You may feel that a square black area rug will not be fitting for the room, but try to visualize what a round or oval black area rug would look like. It may make a big difference in how you perceive the color black. Also, some people have given black rugs a bad rep because they are considered high maintenance. But, are black area rugs really high maintenance? Maybe in some areas like kids’ rooms or entry ways. But in a room where there isn’t major traffic, they are actually quite easy to maintain and require no more work than any other rug you might use.

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Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets offers a variety of black rugs to choose from. The showroom even offers black sisal including our popular “Diamond Sisal” that was featured in Traditional Home magazine.

Stop by our showroom and see the huge variety of contemporary, transitional and traditional area rugs that we have to offer. The showroom offers a wide variety of products to fit almost any budget. Custom options at reasonable prices are available.


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