Tip: How to Remove Red Wine From Wool Carpet

It’s true that New Zealand wool carpets are among the most expensive and luxurious carpets you can buy for your home. Having spent the extra money, you want to be sure you’re maintaining your investment appropriately. The very best thing you can do to maintain the beauty and integrity of your wool carpet is to vacuum it regularly with a good vacuum cleaner.

A common issue and fear with wool carpet is red wine spills. Some have suggested you simply pour white wine on the spill . . . Don’t do it! It’s a myth that will simply waste good white wine (unless it is Two Buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s) and spread your stain!

The best process for any water-based stain on wool, including red wine is to immediately soak up as much as possible with a clean (white) absorbent cloth or paper. Start at the outside of the stain and work your way towards the center. It is important to BLOT rather than rub. If some of the spot remains, use a water-based spot remover designed for wool such as WoolClean. You know you are safe with any product carrying the WoolSafe® label. It is especially important not to use regular detergents. They will typically leave a residue that will cause further soiling at the site of the spill.

When it comes to oil-based stains, use a good dry-cleaning solvent. If you have concerns about its safety, find one with the WoolSafe® label. Just remember to use it sparingly as the solvent can inflict serious damage to the backing of your carpet.

WoolClean which is a kit promoted by the Wools of New Zealand.

Buy one HERE 

Also, refer to the Wools of New Zealand website for cleaning and maintenance instructions – click HERE
and HERE
Beacon Carpet Cleaning
has been certified by the Wools of New Zealand for professional cleaning in Orange County, CA. They can be reached at 949-496-6079. For our blog readers outside of Orange County, CA, click HERE for a recommended wool cleaning professional.

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