Why Wool?

Warren Tyler, a professional speaker and regular contributor to Floor Covering News, recently wrote a column about wool.

The article, entitled “The Lost Carpet Fiber” speaks about wool’s superiority as a carpet fiber. Warren shares how, as a boy, most of his friends’ homes were decorated with wool oriental design rugs. The rose wool rug in his home looked new for years.

What’s different today?

As Warren points out, the demand for carpet has dropped to 40% of the flooring market from 80% just a few years ago. “One major factor that has caused this decline is the introduction of FHA-approved carpet in new homes,” explains Warren. “A 25-ounce plush synthetic can’t look good for more than a year. Don’t believe it? According to statistics, more than 35% of new home buyers change the carpet in less than three years. Why? Synthetics don’t wear out: they ugly out.”

In the U.K. carpet still has 80% share of the flooring market and that is because wool is still the predominant fiber. When retailers sell better quality, consumers are more satisfied and when it is time to replace their flooring..they buy more wool carpet.

Warren points out that in the U.S….consumers are sick and tired of low quality carpet.

Read what Brett Hemphill, owner of Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets had to say about purchasing quality floor covering products in the Daily Pilot in this ARTICLE

Have wool carpet and need a good maintenance kit? Consider WoolClean – available at our showroom.

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