Not All Carpet Pad Is Created Equal

Karastan Ultra Step Pad

The importance of a good carpet pad can be easy to see by reading the following: In research conducted by Independent Textile Testing Service, a test was used whereby different carpet/cushion systems were subjected to rolling a chair with 150 lb. Weight over them 20,000 times. The results indicated that carpets with no cushion had an average of 19.3% loss in pile height (thickness) as opposed to a 5-10% loss in thickness for carpets with a separate cushion. The favorable effect of cushion in reducing the appearance of wear was indicated by decreased loss in thickness. So since carpets with separate cushion remain thicker, they could also appear more luxurious for a longer period of time. And with separate cushion, it’s possible to select the degree of luxury or firmness of tread you desire.

Our most popular pad is called KaraStep™ Ultra that was created for Karastan carpets. However, we use is with all of the brands that we sell. KaraStep Ultra does it all: blocks stains and odors, reduces noise, prevents mold and mildew, and minimizes moisture—while making every step a luxurious wonder. Nearly four times thicker than the average cushion, KaraStep Ultra turns every carpet into a comforting oasis for the mind, body, and sole. KaraStep™ Ultra is a 22 lb. made of synthetic rubber with an integrated moisture barrier. As a comparision, the typical rebond foam pad ranges from 4.5 to 8 lbs.

KaraStep Ultra is so heavy that the roll has 90 SF of material. The rolls of rebond have 360 SF of material.

Rebond Carpet Pad

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets also offers premium ALL Natural wool carpet padding.

Wool Carpet Pad


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