Wool For A Better World

It only takes one trip to Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets to notice the vast range of colors, patterns and textures available in carpets. But the choices don’t end there; fiber is another important consideration. Carpets can be made from a number of different fibers, including nylon, acrylic, and polypropylene or a blend of two or more fibers. However, it is wool that sets the standard. Why? Because wool looks beautiful, feels incredible and ages gracefully while boasting superior performance and easy care properties.

Wool has been a part of human life for more than 12,000 years. Originally used to protect the body from heat and freezing temperatures, wool has played an important role in man’s battle against the elements. Its overall superiority stems from the complexity of its fiber, developed by evolution to protect sheep in all types of climatic conditions.

The same properties that make wool uniquely superior in clothing and blankets also make it the ultimate carpet fiber. Wool’s natural crimp gives carpets built-in resilience to crushing so they look good longer, while wool’s natural resistance to dirt and soiling makes for exceptionally easy maintenance. Wool is also naturally flame retardant and has excellent sound and heat insulating properties. As such, you will find wool carpets hard at work in residential as well as demanding commercial environments, such as hotels, restaurants, and transit systems where the volume of pedestrian traffic is punishing.

Aside from its many performance benefits, wool has incredible aesthetic appeal.

Wool manufacturers are some of the world’s most creative artisans, weaving and tufting the fiber into a wide array of captivating textures and patterns, including velvety cut-piles, friezes, boucles, shags, textured loops and Wiltons. Strikingly rich, saturated colors are another hallmark of wool. Its affinity for color makes it possible to create carpets and rugs in every shade imaginable.

Many people choose a neutral shade of carpet because it allows for greater flexibility, and also lends itself to layering by adding an accent or contrasting rug. However, saturated shades provide tremendous creative freedom. Dynamic colors create stunning effects and help to define areas of the home with exhilarating style. Wool carpets in exotic colors, like those featured above from Unique Carpets’ Couture Collection, can inspire one’s total interior design concept.

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets offers wool from a variety of special manufacturers including: Nourison, Stanton, Masland, Fabrica, Unique Carpets, Bellbridge, Prestige Mills, Concepts International, Karastan, Couristan, Carousel, Robertex, Radici, Woolshire, Godfrey Hirst, Design Materials, J. Mish, Hibernia Woolen Mills, Kane, Fibreworks, Hagaman and more. Our selection of wool is the most extensive in Orange County.

Our showroom is open to both the trade and public.

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets is a Wools of New Zealand Premier Partner.

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