Wools of New Zealand Showroom of Excellence

Wools of New Zealand Showroom of Excellence

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets has been awarded the Showroom of Excellence by the Wools of New Zealand. The showroom is filled with great area rugs and carpet made from New Zealand wool.

Brands include Karastan, Nourison, Woolshire, Masland, Fabrica, Stanton, Hagaman, Unique Carpets, Carousel, Robertex, Radici, Godfrey Hirst, Hibernia Woolen Mills, Prestige Mills, Concepts International, Bellbridge, Fibreworks, Helios, Obeetee, Oriental Weavers, Feizy Rugs and more.

Over half of the carpet that Hemphill’s sells is either wool or natural fiber, such as seagrass, sisal or jute. We offer after sale support through qualified carpet cleaning, repair specialists, maintenance products, and cleaning tips.

Designers have recognized Hemphill’s as a great resource for terrific and unique products. A large portion of our business continues to come from repeat clients and referrals. This speaks volumes for the care and quality that Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets offers it customers.

Read more about the BENEFITS OF WOOL HERE


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