The Importance of Fiber

Moda Argyle Stainmaster Tactesse fiber

No, we’re not talking about your diet here. Did you know that the fiber of your carpet can be just as important to your home as the actual design on it?

Each type of carpet fiber presents unique strengths for different spaces and uses. Thankfully, Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets eliminates some of the worry by using only the finest natural and new fibers. So now that you know you’ll be taken care of, it’s time to decide which of the carpet fibers is most suitable for you.

Wool – offers an exceptionally luxurious look combined with a soft, comfortable feel. Wool wears remarkably well, ages beautifully, and is considered to be the finest yarn available. For this reason, wool is easily the first choice for the most discerning carpet buyer. The price of oil has made the price difference between wool and nylon almost insignificant in certain instances.

Nylon – is a wonderful easy-to-clean option for high-traffic areas because of its versatility and wear-resistance. Nylon comes in vibrant, lustrous colors with soft underfoot and is an excellent value. We prefer the Stainmaster nylons for color fastness, feel and stain resistance. The new Luxerell fiber is incredibly soft with no sheen.

Olefin – was originally developed for exterior use, but is now often used in Berbers. As the most moderately priced fiber, olefin does resist stains, fading and moisture, but is still not quite as resilient as nylon.


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