Hemphill’s Featured in Article About Earth Friendly Floors

Like everything else in home décor, flooring evolves. While we are moving away from petroleum-based carpets and classic (and perhaps endangered) mahogany floors, wood takes on new looks, leather gets used underfoot, stainless steel serves as flooring and carpet alternatives crowd the market.

What to choose among new-age flooring depends a lot on your lifestyle. Think about who uses your rooms and how. Do pets live inside? Do kids play on the floor? And most importantly, does the family eat in your living spaces?

One of many wool carpets available at Hemphill's

Brett Hemphill, at Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets in Costa Mesa, says he has measured four jobs in two days for seagrass installations. “It has been our most popular carpet in the entire store for about the last four years. ”

According to Hemphill, the price of oil has a direct effect on the price of synthetic carpet, so nylons are falling out of favor. “It takes 7 gallons of petroleum to produce 35 pounds of nylon carpet,” he said. “These days you can get wool for about the same price.”

Read the entire article HERE

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