Going Green With Wood Floors

CLICK HERE Mulberry Swirl
Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets offers a collection wood floor called Tru Green. Our product called Mulberry Swirl is made of 100% Post Industrial Recycled Hardwood. This product is made from mulberry branches that have been discarded by the silk industry. Another piece called, Soiree, is made from scraps of hardwood generated from furniture manufacturing. The collection also offers a contemporary piece called Thinstrip Java. It is created by cutting thin strips of veneer and then fused together and layered on top of a hardwood engineered core. The core of this product features 100% recycled hevea hardwood (rubberwood) that has completed its commercial lifespan in the latex industry.

These engineered wood products can be installed by gluing, floating and nailing. The product can be installed in basements too.

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets
has 22 items in the Tru Green Collection. Stop by our showroom today and see these wood floor options. Our showroom also offers Richard Marshall Olde Boards, Authentic Pine Floors, Private Reserve, the Garrison Collection and more.

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