Eco & Green = Wool Carpet

Hibernia Woolen Carpets

In this day and age, finding products that are environmentally-friendly is becoming easier than it was, say, a decade ago; however, we still have more room for improvement. Among a number of new designs and fabrication methods, Hibernia Woolen Mills is taking giant steps to leave a smaller carbon footprint in the production of their carpets.

Solely powered by nothing but sun, air, water, and earth, the factory construction of Hibernia’s wool carpet is about as naturally green as it comes. The sheep live off the land, and are sheered twice a year for the wool fibers as well as textiles. A few benefits of wool carpet:

-the sheep provide a naturally-renewable source of the wool
-no chemicals or dyes are used to produce natural-colored carpets
-improvement of indoor air quality because of the natural properties of wool
-wool is biodegradable, and great for the soil at the end of the lifetime of the carpet
-the backing on the carpet is made of a naturally-harvested plant called jute

Even though the eco-buzz words are teetering on the brink of trite, and have been infused into virtually everything including pop-culture, the concern for the environmnet is still a legimate one. Deciding to do your part in making our earth a better place is a choice that will affect this generation, and generations to come. Oh, and the neighbors will be jealous of your chic, healthy, soft wool carpet.

Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets offers Hibernia Woolen carpet plus wool broadloom carpet from over a dozen other name brand and boutique carpet mills. Visit our showroom and learn more. As a side note, Brett Hemphill served on the Wools of New Zealand Retailer Advisory Council. We know wool!

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