InnerAsia’s Gangchen Carpets of Tibet Gallery

Our favorite source for Tibetan rugs is InnerAsia. The owner, Tashi, and I have a great long term friendship. In fact, we once purchased two Chevrolet Suburbans direct from Mr. Chang at GM China and shipped them to Tibet. Here is his story:

In 1986,Kesang Tashi, a Dartmouth-educated Tibetan-born international banker…,found his country’s centuries old rug weaving tradition endangered. Hetook on the challenge to revitalize this cottage industry by initiatingTibet’s own arts and crafts movement, thereby restoring the pride ofthis ancient heritage and insuring its continuity. The result of thiseffort is Gangchen Carpets of Tibet. This revitalization process alsoenables Tashi to facilitate training and generate a respectable livelihood for a new generation of artisans in his native homeland.

InnerAsia's Ganchen Carpets of Tibet

Please check out the gallery of InnerAsia’s Ganchen Carpets of Tibet at our website Click HERE . Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets offers over 80 patterns to see in our inventory.  These rugs are truly works of art


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