How To Remove Indentations From Carpet

How To Get Dents Out of Carpet

Things You’ll Need:

* One ice cube for each carpet dent

* Time

* White paper towel or colorfast cloth (optional)

* Fork (optional)

1. After moving furniture and identifying number of carpet dents, gather one ice cube for each dent.

2. Drop ice cube(s) in dent(s). Large or long dents may require multiple ice cubes – but be careful, you don’t want to replace the matted carpet nap with a swimming pool. Adding additional ice cubes is easier than cleaning up a watery mess!

3. Let ice cubes melt in dent – preferably overnight. As the ice cube melts, the nap will begin to fluff up, reducing (and eventually removing) the dent.

4. Check the results the next morning. If necessary, blot up excess water with white paper towel or colorfast cloth. (You don’t want to replace that dent with a stain.)

5. If the nap hasn’t recovered completely – or you just want to do some additional blending – use the fork to gently lift remaining carpet fibers.


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