When picking a new rug, wool is worth the investment

Furnishing or redecorating your living space brings with it a multitude of options and choices, but it’s easy to forget what’s right under your feet – or what will be. The right rug brings an entire room together and sets whatever tone you choose. So it’s important to put plenty of thought into the style, the color, and also the material.

… picking the right material can determine whether that design and color is going to stay beautiful for years to come.

Unless you surround your rug with red velvet ropes and a “do not walk” sign, it’s going to take more punishment than almost anything else in the room. Because of that, the right rug material can determine whether that design and color is going to stay beautiful for years to come.
When people talk about the best area rug fabrics, invariably the discussion turns to wool. But the question often comes up: are the benefits of wool rugs really worth the additional investment over a less expensive synthetic material?

Things to consider when choosing a rug

Wool is an ancient natural fiber used in the finest Persian rugs, and continues as a staple in today’s most admired modern designs. And it’s easy for homeowners to view it as a “luxury,” preferring to spend the extra money on furnishings or other parts of their project.

But when you look at your rug as an investment — something you can enjoy for decades with proper care, and which might even appreciate in value over time — the value of wool starts to become clearer.

9 reasons your next rug should be wool wool_closeup
The benefits of wool rugs are worth the additional investment over less expensive synthetic or natural materials.

Why choose a wool area rug?

1. Wool is naturally stain-resistant and cleanable

That’s due to the natural coating of lanolin, which keeps stains and dirt from penetrating fibers.

2. Wool looks clean, even when it isn’t

Wool fabric actually hides most dust due to tiny pockets in its fibers, rather than allowing it to sit on the surface of the rug. As a result, it doesn’t need to be cleaned as often as other rug fabrics.

3. Wool pile is resilient

The natural “crimp” in each wool fiber allows a wool rug to resist the compression of daily use, so you have fewer issues with furniture indentation than with other fabrics.

4. Wool stays dry

Wool is naturally water resistant, and can absorb water spills and still feel dry to the touch.

5. Wool is a hypoallergenic fiber

The pockets in wool fiber help it absorb dust. It also resists dust mites, mildew and bacteria growth, and even absorbs many airborne contaminants.

6. Wool holds color beautifully

Because it soaks up liquid so well, wool can absorb more dye than many other threads, which makes for more brilliant colors that last over time, as can be seen in so many luminous, museum-quality rugs that are hundreds of years old.

7. Wool is naturally flame-resistant

It catches fire at higher temperatures than other fabrics, and it will actually extinguish itself once the source of the fire is taken away. That makes wool fiber a must in many settings with tight safety regulations.

8. Wool is environmentally friendly

Wool is a renewable, biodegradable product. Carpeting and rugs make up an estimated 2 percent of the landfill in the U.S., so utilizing a safe fiber can make a real impact. Not only do wool rugs tend to last longer, they’re also safer for the environment if they are thrown out.

9. Wool helps keep your room warm

Wool is an excellent insulator and helps moderate temperature and humidity in the home by absorbing and releasing moisture as needed.

And finally, the most obvious reason:

10. Wool simply feels great

For centuries, wool has been the choice to add warmth, comfort, and soft luxurious textures into homes around the world. It continues to be a natural choice for lasting beauty, comfort, and durability – and still the most cost-effective choice over the long-term than any other fiber.

Wool rugs come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and styles.

Nourison 2000 Collection wool area rug, Product no. 2022_LAV
Tahoe Collection wool area rug by Nourison, Product no. TAHMO_MTA03_TURGN
Tahoe Collection wool area rug by Nourison, Product No. TAHMO_MTA01